IQ Execution Ownership for SAP system


We have SAP validated platform where changes move via Transports . Who should own the IQ execution in this case ? The perform who has developed the object as per DS/CS or the person ( BASIS ) who is moving the Transports ?

IQ is a sign off that all installations done properly as per specification ,so who should sign off it?

It doesn’t matter about transports or accounting for that matter. The people who sign off the IQ (Installation Qualification) are the computer or IT department who install and configure the software (in this case SAP software).


Thanks a lot for your response . But BASIS Team or Transport moving team is not aware of what is needed configuration which is built as per specification , they serve as middle team to move Transports from DEV system to PRD system . Then also they can sign off IQ ? Does it not require any confirmation step from Functional Team ( Developing Team ) whether all installations done properly or not?

The Transport team sounds more like the mail carrier. People should have the training, knowledge, and experience to know what they are doing. I would have a member of the FD team review and sign off the IQ, but that doesn’t mean they should know where every wire goes (they know a ‘Damn’ when they hear it).

FD = Functional Design. While this team member does not have to be a computer geek like IT, they should have experience downloading and configuring software on their personal computer at home. Just be sure the IQ follows the manufacturer’s instructions.