Internal Audit Concerns including Escalation of Non-Conformances

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Our company is having our group perform an internal audit whenever anything appears to be wrong with a process instead of managers initiating process improvement projects on their own. My concern is two fold. First is this what the internal audit group should be doing?

Secondly if I write up a non conformance to a process and the area manager states that the problem is company wide, is it my job to then find more examples by going out of scope of the audit to write it to upper management or should the manager of the area that the non-conformance is written to be responsibile for escalating the NC for corrective action up the management chain?


Question # 1 - Not at all! The system is there for management to control changes, not use audits to inspect the system, like we did with product and QC folks.

Question # 2 - I wouldn’t go any route involving audit findings. Bring it up at Management Review, instead. You could call it ‘Quality Planning’