Informatique files and two site of production

we are a medical devices manufacturer and we have two site of production. I want to know what is the best way for our informatique files if we need to use them in those two site.
I don’t really know if it’s clear. We have windows server on those two site and we want to replicate the informatique files on this two site.
How can we be compliant for this replication?
Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my bad english.

Not enough information. I’m not sure if Informatique is a specific (proprietary) file type or if you’re just French. If you would provide more detail regarding the system I’ll try to respond.


Thanks bob,

I will try to give you more detail.
we are a medical device manufacturer. We have two site of production. We have two file server (widows serveur 2003,one for each site). There is some people who on this two site or who want to send files (word,excel …) to the other site. I don’t know what is the good way to communicate between this two site, did we make a replication (what type of software, did there is any fda pressure for the replication ) or something else?
Tell me if you need more information and what type of info.