Hydrogen Peroxide steralisation tech for freeze dryers

GEA Lyophil has won US FDA approval for a new gas-based steralistion technology for pharmaceutical freeze drying.

The technology, named Vapovac, uses hydrogen peroxide to sterilse compounds during lyophilisation in place of high pressure steam which is traditionally used.

GEA claim that its approach is safer than steam steralisation, which must be conducted at high temperature and pressure, and is cheaper and faster.

Sir, You can refer Clarus C of Bioquell Ltd. for H2O2 sterilization.

I am using the hydrogen proxide to sterilize the freeze dryer with dry fog generator,and I have another advise for the sterlization method,you can clean the inside face of the chamber including shelf with the sporicide.The advantage of this method is to avide to spend a lof of money on buying generator,and the result is very good.
I am glad to dissus the item with everybody.