HVAC sensors/instruments

Good afternoon,

When we install new temperature and humidity sensors that make part of the HVAC system what can we do to avoid new qualification of the HVAC.

I’m trying to write a protocol that will only to include the calibration of the sensors, it’s inclusion on the BMS system and an IOQ “loop check”.

The sensors are installed in a critical area, does anyone ever was confronted with this kind of situation?


Ricardo Lemos

When you say “New”, do you mean New as in Like for Like replacement? Or new as in something completely different?

Hi Lemos

You have not provided the full information of the situation, I will try to advise you on what I know and would do.

1st If the sensor are ‘‘Like for Like’’ you only do change Control but in your Change Control you re-qualify/ perform some test to confirm whether the sensor are functioning normal.

2nd If it’s a difference sensor at all, I am soory my friend you need to re-qualify the wholo system