Hvac -- micro room

what should be the hvac system for a micr testing area(sterility testing room and tvc tesing room), whether the working area need to be under positive preasure or negative preasure when compared with corridors or change room


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All the critical working zones should be positive with respect to your corridors and change rooms.

Corridor lowest pressure
Change rooms ( 3 change rooms with increasing pressures)
Working rooms should be highly pressurised.

This is a similar concept like sterile areas.


is that same condition Applies for Oral solid dosage unit

Do you mean for Microbiology lab?
If it is so it applies.

To know, find, enumerate and identify a microrganism in a material or a substance or a formulated product: The best possible way is to prevent any contamination by external microbial agents from proces , procedures , handing and containment.