HPLC Column help


I am doing cleaning validation for detergent having sunfire column the baseline
is so wavy and gettin system suit failure.

Can somebody tell me how to fix this column please? what do i do to make flat


your problem is probably not the column. some of the most common issues with “wavy” baselines are pump problems (check valve, broken plunger), insufficient degassing of mobile phase and occassionally electrically related. If the waves are cyclic meaning they seem to happen at the same intervals, try degassing your mobile phase longer, then troubleshoot your pump.

Is your mobile phase is filtered , Water used is extrapure (HPLC grade)
You change the sensitivity of detector or band width to get good base line your are working on which system waters or agillent??

If you use PDA dedector, use UV instead of PDA if there is. Sometimes changing buffer salt effects baseline noise in a better way …

Good Luck