HPLC Column help


I am doing cleaning validation for detergent having sunfire column the baseline
is so wavy and gettin system suit failure.

Can somebody tell me how to fix this column please? what do i do to make flat


Dear Arvish 15,
If it is ruled out there is no System problem, wavy baseline may be due to secondary interactions. Usually detergents will be of polar category molecules. If posible, Please try with YMC Hydrosphere C-18, which provides good retention for polar molecules. Advantage of Hydroshpere is Bonding phase is made of Gel [Commercialy available columns are Bonded by Silica, which are the possible causes for secondary interactions], so Peak response will be Good. If you are not in the intention of procurring Brand new YMC Hydroshpere C-18, please let me know , what is the detergent you are using at your end? We are having some classical method approaches for Detegents used or cleaning Equipments/glasswares

YMC COA.pdf (23.5 KB)

Thats right.

I am doing validation on Liqui-Nox thats used for cleaning Glassware. U were right. i will try this columns and see what happenes.