How to verify the speed of conventional homogenizer

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I have encountered an issue in verifying the speed of homogenizer. The homogenizer is a very old (no add. info is available) and has single speed. Is there any way i can determine the homogenizing speed?? Since this is a very old model, how should i write OQ & PQ for this??
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Hi Mr. chcheah,

With reference to your query, APIC had published a very pretty guideline on Existing Equipment Qualification Titled “Guidance on Qualification of existing facilities, systems, equipment and utilities” 2004. You can refer the same.

If require drop a mail on below mentioned ID to get a copy.

Speed of Homogenizer !!

You can utilize a conventional method i.e. By Techometer [either contact type or non contact type] readily available.

If any typical problem, let me know !!

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