How to validate Irregularly shaped warehouse ? (Temp. & RH%)

I need to validate a warehouse but it is irregularly shaped, i have no idea how to do.:confused:
things in the warehouse is chemical agent
i have several questions about validate it:
1.How to map the loggers in the warehouse because it is irregularly shaped; long is acceptable, 24hrs, 72hrs or more? to make sure the acceptable standard, our warehouse should be controlled in 18-25℃

thanks in Advance:o

It is difficult to answer specifically without knowing what the warehouse shape is. It is up to you to assess and justify the location and number of dataloggers used throughout the geometric area. Loggers should be placed at bottom, middle and top of racking and you should not avoid areas because you know they will cause issues - it is always tempting to avoid putting loggers on the top shelf near a HVAC inlet as you know it will be colder. A period of 24 hours would be the minimum recording period to take into account diurnal variation. It would be expected that you would also perform the mapping in summer and winter to take into account extremes of seasonal variation. During the mapping period you should locate a control datalogger outside to have some comparative data if the external temperature.

Post up more specific details of the warehouse or PM me if you like.