How good is this qualification

Would one get sponseship from a company in the usa with this qualification, I dont have a green card and im not a citizen

Hi there,

Looks like a very good course (wish it was there when I was starting off).

In relation to employment in the USA, having worked there myself I can tell you now it is quite difficult to get a working visa (a green card can only be obtained after a number of years on a working visa)

The H1B visa is the one you are looking for, the only way to get this type of visa is to get a company to sponsor you.

This may take anything from 6-12 months as there is a lot of paper work and red tape.

You could also get a business visa but this will only allow you 90 days stay (to be honest its only a glorified holiday visa and not what you want if you want to stay long term)

All in all, the easiest way is get a company to sponsor you.

It may have changed since I was working there (2 years ago) so its worth looking into it more.