How do you decide what is a Process, a Procedure or Work Instruction?


How do you decide what is a process, procedure or work instruction? I am in charge of moving my company from QS 9000 to TS 16949 and I am having trouble knowing where to start, as far as the Manual (can that be just a restatement of the standard with my organization’s name in it), Procedures (I know there are 7 required), Processes and Work Instructions. I am feeling the pressure and would appreciate all the help I can get. Also, can I use most of our QS procedures since I feel they still apply.


Here is what I know and what we did:

Use you QS Procedures as much as possible. Update them to cover any changes in TS. Basically for us they are a re-itteration of the TS spec with a little detail on how.

Processes - You need to define these for your organization. I believe there are 10 recommended (Market Analysis, Bid Tender, Order Request, Process/Product Verification and Validation, Manufacturing Provisions, Product/Process Design, Delivery, Payment, Post Sales Customer Feedback, and Warranty). There are Six Characteristics to each (Owner, Inputs, Defined Process - ususally a process flow, Outputs, Links, and Measurables).

Work Instructions are where you provide the detail of how things get done. Use your QS ones and Update as required.

You should do a Gap Analysis to see what you are missing.

I’m not familiar with the specific requirment you are working towards, however from the people I have spoken to procedures/OIs and WIs all amount to the same thing, they give instructions on how to complete a task. I would recommend operating one standard operating procedure (SOP) system which captures all procedures and work instructions.