How did you find this site?


We are always thinking of way here to spread the word about

I would like to know how people found this site and if they think it is a valuable resource for their work in the validation/compliance field.

Please leave your answers in this thread.


I came across this site in trying to find answers to some validation questions that I had as I am new to the field. I don’t recall what they were at the time but I have found great value in the resources that are available here. In terms of the articles and the professionals that ask and answer questions.

I performed a google search for a validation question (can’t remember specifically what that was now), and it led me here.

A friend of mine at work told me about it, we both work in validation.

It’s being a great help to us and we’ve told the other members of our group about it aswell.

Thank you

goooogle led me here while in search of validation clarification, appreciate Graham, for maintaining such good site,


I followed a link from the Elsmar Cove. I like the site and the specialized nature of it. I do find it useful in learning more about validation especially from a global perspective and the willingness of members and guests to help out one another. You do a nice job of moderating the threads in all the forums - a big task for just one guy.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks Kevin,

It’s a big job but someone’s got to do it…

I am a validation consutant and at my last client I was shown a print out of the article on how to write a URS. I was impressed with what I saw, and as a result I logged on to this site to see what it was about.

I decided to register as the site looks very good.

Thanks David,

We are glad you have found it useful.

We are always trying to improve the site so hopefully 09 will bring even more great articles and threads!

Word of mouth, from one department to another.
It is great to see that no matter where the answer to the questions come from (India, USA, Ireland, SA, Canada etc) they all point you in the right direction. It is great to see the knowledge distributed from ‘one who knows’ to someone that ‘now knows more’. :D:D
The continuous improvment of this site shows that there are passionate individuals out there that want to share.

Keep it up.:slight_smile:

Thanks waynem,

The site is continually improving due to people like you offering great advice to questions and queries.

Best Regards