Granulation End Point

Pl let me know about granulation end point i.e. how it is calculated?

The moisture content and particle size of granules are critical quality attributes for the wet granulation.

Sir, but which parameters have to be considered while checking granulation end point? like LOD, ampere reading?

there are several methods for granulation end-point determination. the determination can be based on electrical and mechanical characteristic of the motor or directly observation to the granule characteristic.
for more information, please refer to Parikh’s Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology (published by Informa) and Qiu’s Developing Oral Dosage Forms (published by Academic Press).

Dear Durga,

Amperage is generally considered as the end point of the granulation and LOD is not checked during the granulation stage and is checked after drying the granules.

Hariprasad Reddy

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