General Definitions not in GAMP

Does anyone have good solid definitions for the following which seem to be omitted from GAMP for some reason:

Software Design Specification
Functional Specification
Software Test Specification

Client wants us to use ‘gamp’ definitions, but they actually don’t exist in GAMP from what I can see.

Why do they want to use GAMP definitions, it’s only a guideline, it’s not a standard and should not be treated like one. Yes, its a great reference point but it’s not the bible

FS: Structured document prepared to describe how the user’s requirements would be met as expressed in the URS. Should be written to facilitate understanding of the system by Project Management, Production, Process and Engineering functions.This Specification level will respond in detail to the requirements of the Process
control system defined in the URS.

Software Design Specification:
The purpose of a Software Design Specification (SDS) is to define the software that is to meet the functional requirements for the project.
These generally have a collection of standard reusable modules that need to be configured and/or programmed, the SDS should provide detail of this along with examples of code.
The SDS should list the standard software being used, including version numbers
Fault handling should be described
The SDS should describe the sub-systems (modules) that will form the system, stating briefly the purpose of each.
A list of all interfaces between modules and also any interfaces to external systems should be given. Each interface shall be uniquely justifiable. A system diagram may be included. Any overall timing or scheduling of the sub-systems may be described.
The SDS should outline system data, and define the major data objects. The data should be defined in a hierarchical manner with complex objects being built up of simpler objects.

Hope this helps

I’m not sure why, but they are the client so I’ll save the battles for the big stuff :slight_smile:
That was my first post here btw, and I’m delighted to have found the site; you have a lot of very good information.
Thanks for the help!

No problem - If you have friends in the field let them know about us.

Appreciate that.