GDP writing 7 and 0

I have a contractor who just started working for me in the Validation Dept. He writes his zeros with a line through them, as well as his sevens.

Is this ok? He says he has never had a problem at any other GMP site, but I have never seen anyone do this before. I know that the GDP rules are quite general, and there is no hard and fast rules.


yes I do the same, it’s better, it prevents 7 from being mistaken for a 1, and a 0 from a O or 6…

Consistency is the key. As long as it’s consistent and unambiguous, no problem.

I agree, consistency is required so as not to allow any doubt as to the meaning of what is writen.

I enjoy helping others, do you?

Thanks for the responses!

I have seen companies that list in their GDP sop of doing 7’s or 0’s one way or the other…best part is I’ve seen 1 company say you must put the line through them and another say you must NOT put the line through them. :slight_smile:

As long as you have a policy that should clarify whether the line through these numbers as well as letters like “z” are acceptable or not. Our policy is not to allow the lines because for any mistakes we line through the error, date and initial then write the correct info. If the lined 7’s, 0’s and Z’s were allowed we would not know whether these were errors or not in the event the person who made the error failed the date and initial the lined through error. This is why having a policy that clearly clarifies this (if it truly makes a difference with or without the line) should be sufficient.