GAMP 4, not sold any more...where to get a copy?


My organization is looking for a copy of GAMP 4 (we do have GAMP 5) but apparently it is not sold anymore and even used copies are unavailable…
We contacted ISPE without success

Anyone can advice us?

Thank you


Hi Mario,

Why exactly do you want the old version of GAMP, GAMP 4?


Hi Mark,

I am an auditor and GAMP 4 are often the standard used in companies I visit.
I need a copy of the old guideline for my reference.


You shouldn’t be auditing directly against GaMP anyway - if you do that its not an audit, its a comparison and evaluation of how close a company can operate to a set of guidelines - not good.

Instead, you should challenge how the company or organisation operates and determine if they have control over their processes, products and services.

i want soft copy of GAMP-4.
From where i got??


Why exactly do you want the old version of GAMP, GAMP 4?


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