Fresh material - what

Dear all ,

My role is Product release , sum customers asking ( in customer specification ) fresh material , what meaning for Fresh material , i.e 3 months old , 6 months old or less than one year

please respond with scientific reason


waiting for respond

ask your customer to mention in his purchase order the minimum time period from the mfg date of the material at which it should reach his factory.


Its customer requirement, get the details from the customer about his requirement. i think no guideline available regarding the same.



There is no defination for " Fresh Material" your customer shall define this into their purchase order. We catogaricaly define in our purchase order for material " Remaning shelflife of material shall not be less than 85% at time of despatch"

Period will vary from material to material and on basis of origin. Like in some cases we get querry from our vendors that they are not in possition to supply material with requisted remaining shelflife, in such cases, based on criticalilty and shelflife of our product we do accept such material.

Thanks to all