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When validating an excel spreadsheet… do I actually validate the spreadsheet to run in any version of MS office (even if i have not tested it in newer versions) or am I validating the spreadsheet within a certain version of MS excel.

For example just say it is validated in Office 2000. But then some one opens up the same file and uses it in office 2007 is the spreadsheet still validated?



I would suggest that you address this in the validation plan. If the intended use is on multiple versions of Office, then I would expect some level of validation in all environments. Same may go for OSs (Vista, XP , etc.).

Thanks for the reply, would you suggest testing the critical paramters on different versions like calculations and macros?


The validation of Excel spreadsheet stands valid specific to the MS office version. The calculations and macros have to be given specific attention when validating in different version.
The following are the points that may be considered for validation in different version,

  • In Excel 2007, the macros can not be enabled in a password protected workbook.
  • Always the stability was a concern with 2007. has received more unexpected crash than 2003.
  • A bug has been reported in 2007 that results in multiple conditional formats being created when one copies and pastes.
  • The number of columns and rows are more in 2007.
  • Interface is totally different, and will have a impact on work instructions and training.
  • Excel stores only 15 significant digits of precision, may cause errors while handling big numbers
  • Apart from this the improved features in 2007 like pivot table, conditional formatting, chart may be considered during revalidation.

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I don’t think it would be any harm to check critical parameters. The chiinv function changed slightly between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. Hasn’t changed by that much but the change was enough to effect a spreadsheet we had validated with Excel 97.