Equipment Qualification

Hello Friends,

I am in the process of shifting a critical equipment from present location of installation to a new similar location the next door. I have raised change control for the equipment shifting. Can anybody help me by guiding what type of qualification is necessary to be done?

Is there a Plan for this change? If so define what you are doing and utilize a Risk Assessment to define what IQ OQ and PQ tests will need to be re-executed. I would think at a minimum you would need to know that the minimum requirements for the utilities is met and that the equipment functionality is working as before. That is about all I can recommend without knowing the specifics such as what is the equipment or what does the commissioning and qualification package for it contain. How old is the equipment? If it is old, and the qualification package is dated, does it make sense to do a Gap Analysis to see that you re-qualify using your procedures and standards of today?