DPMO as acceptance criteria

I am trying to perform the analysis of the datas of my Tablet compression machine for its performance especially on the weight variation.

Can I use the DPMO (Defects per million opportunities) as an acceptance criteria to demonstrate that the compression machine had worked well?

dear Mr prawan,
i think the acceptance criteria for tablet press machine is use Relative Standard Deviation ( < 2%). or use the Coefficient correlation (98 - 102 %).

sir…, i believe it depends upon which phase of validation you are at. i did a certification/verification about 20 years ago on a Manesty Rotapress before validations were in effect and i remeber that we had to make a few runs to optimize (that’s what it was called back then) the machine, then we established our criteria. if you have results at hand you can make better assumptions. also remember that a tablet press produces tablets at a high rate…your method must be meticulously thought-out.

Dear mr Prawan,

for showing your press works well, determine what the upper and lower acceptance limits are in case of business terms. What is an acceptable amount of failed tablets. The prove process stability with standard variation and DPMO for a quantative number. This way you can connect 6s to business and keep it understandable for your management as well.


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