Doubts multivitamin product

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If in multivitamin product which will detect during the analyzed just one of compounds of salt (i.e: Calcium Gluconate which is just quantified the calcium ), is necessary for calculating (MACO), using the weight of all the salt, or just, in this case, the Calcium component?

P.S: In my label, there is an information about the quantity of calcium there is into calcium gluconate

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Is calcium the worst-case component? You can verify through acceptable daily intake or LD50 values for each.

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Yeah , this Calcium Gluconate is my worst case, but the problem is, I´m not sure if is necessary calculate using the complecomponent or just Calcium, because in the labeling there is an information about quantity of Calcium gluconate, and also the Calcium (in the other words, the complex and just the calcium), and when we analyse the product which has this component, we just check the quantity of Calcium into the sample, not the Calcium Gluconate, so the question is, is necessary to calc the dose intake, based on the complex, or just Calcium?

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it depends on what the label stated:
if the label mentioned the quantity of Ca, so you must calculate the Ca content.
if the label mentioned the quantity of the salt, so you must calculate the salt content.