Doer and checker signature

Can we eliminate the checker signature in a validated automated calculation results, as the calculation procedure is validated? But the records were signed by both doer and checker before the calculation was automated as per GMP.

Hard to say given the limited information provided. First, what do your SOPs say? Is this for a regulated industry (e.g., medical)? Does the ‘doer’ still sign? If that’s the case, then I would expect that the ‘checker’ would also sign (independence). Presuming this is for a regulated industry, if an auditor comes across any ‘deviation’ (difference) from the norm, he/she will start asking questions. If you can justify it to the auditor’s satisfaction, then there’s no issue. If the pain of signing is not worse than the pain of answering an auditor, stick with what you are doing and don’t make a special case.

The checker’s responsibility is also to check the other activities related … not just the calculation alone. Like the integrity of input values taken, acceptance criteria defined… etc. It is better to look into the problem from overall life cycle of the activity… but not just the calculation alone.