Disinfectant validation

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Dear Sir

Thanks for the information, which was shared by you. Which was very much use for me, because we are currently validating the disinfactant at our premices. Thanks a lot again…


Thank you sir

hi i m yogesh chauhan,
Thanks a lot to share these important information with me.This protocol is important for me.
Now i can easily perform these test in my lab.

We are here to share our knowledge.
If you have good templates you can contribute so that we too shall learn from those.

can i get a power point presentation on Disinfectant validation?

We will soon try to make it and post.
Probably we will give the regulatory references too.
Its a good idea you gave.

thank you v much for the information

Please sir provide Antibiotic Assay Method Validation Protocol & MLT Validation Protocol.

We shall post MLT Validation Protocol very soon.
We take your request seriously and try to do the needful as soon as possible


thanks a lot guru for so many information regarding validation…
hope this is just the start of knowledge sharing

Dear Mr. Prasad,
we are in process of validating our new fermentors. can you please some litreature and templates for media fill test and how to vaidate these equipments.
i will be really thankful to you.

thank you very much, the information is useful, I will read it carefully.

Dear Sir
Thanks for the great information which i got regarding the disinfectant validation. We are shifting to another disinfectant so the information is very nice. I will start with the work.

Thanks & Regards

Dear Durga prasad,
How to get a Microbiology job in Germany.
Can you guide me.