Difference between penicillin,carnapenems and cephalosporins?

What is the difference between penicillin,carbapenems and cephalosporins?

Penicillins have 6APA ring
Carbapenes are having rings fromed from 4AA
Cephalosporin has a Cephalosporin ring.
All these are structurally different with different Structural Activity Relationships(SAR)

Hello sir…
My question is that why different facilities required for peniciline,cephalo,carbapenems???

Refer to your first question: I answered very correctly.

Your question 2 :
Penicillins are very well known for causing anaphlytic reactions in patients. So FDA clearly states that the products like Penicillins, Chephalosporins and Penem drugs must be properly seperated and seggregated during manufacturing & labelling so that they reduce cross contamination issues and saves the patients lives.

As small as a milligram can cause severe reaction.