Deactivation of sex hormone

How to de activate sex hormones like Levonorgesteral and ethinylestradiol in manufacturing area.

Suppose deactivation of hormone on used garmentes .

please guide.

Dear Him_che,
Steroidal hormones like Levonorgesteral and ethinylestradiol in manufacturing area and in garments can be destroyed using 10% Sodium Hypochlorite solution.
The purpose of Sodium Hypochlorite [Chlorine bleach], is to oxidise and to break down the more complex steroidal ring to a simpler form, which will be easily removable and more water soluble.
Even we follow, the above explained procedure for our steroidal formulation facility manufacturing, Levonorgesteral , Norethindrone and ethinylestradiol Tablets.

Thanks T. Arun sir

I want to know that any guidline or standard procedure on de activation of sex hormone

if any, please povide link

Himansu Khandhedia

Famy Care Ltd.

Dear Himanshu,
Chlorine bleach is the usual approach for deactivating steroidal substances.
As such, there is no regulatory guideline for this procedure.
For concentration of bleach , perform a laboratory study.

Any one have document ?