CSV - homologation and production environments

I want to know if there is some alternative to know that your homologation environment is the same as production environment.
How we can prove this?

Do you mean by this “Validation Environment”?

Homologation environment like as test environmental

For example, if you need to validate a SAP ERP, you will use two diferent environmental: for OQ the test environmental (homologation) and for PQ production environment

From my experience the OQ testing should be performed in the Validation Environment, perhaps we are calling them different things.

To prove both are the same have you created a configuration specification that can be used to verify both environments have been configured correctly?

After this I would run an IQ on both environments to prove equivalency.

Any further thoughts @yodon

@yodon What do you think?

You brought up the example of an ERP system. Typically, with ERP systems,
you can segregate production and validation artifacts just using a
different database. The server and client installs are the same, you’re
just pointing to a test database. You should, in this case, confirm the
database is identical but otherwise, it IS the same system.

I’m working with a client, though, that has an electronic document control
system and the vendor provided them with both a production and development
environment (entirely separate instances; you have to manually keep the
systems in sync, if you so choose). They do this with the intent that you
set up the development environment and do the validation and then they sync
to the production system. I personally don’t like this approach since you
have to manually prove that the systems are identical. This sounds more
like the question you’re asking.

If this is the case, you will, indeed, need to take the effort to show that
the environments were identical. This might be a re-execution of your
installation qualification or may be some other method to demonstrate
equivalence. Without knowing more about your application, it would be
difficult to say what a good approach would be.

Similarly, without knowing your approach to validation (in particular what
you’re doing for PQ), I can’t really say what would be appropriate.

Sorry I can’t be of more help but there are just too many variables.

Nice post @yodon!

Thank you @gokeeffe and @yodon
The idea about to execute IQ for the both environments is a good solution for me.

Glad to help :sunglasses: