Creative Ways to Communicate Customer Complaints to Manufacturing


Can anyone suggest or perhaps share verbally or some photos of how to creatively share customer complaints? I’m not sure what I’m looking for, but I’d like it to be a “fun” or “attractive” approach to hopefully get (and hold) peoples attention and not sound like we are “picking” on anybody. So that it doesn’t become wallpaper that people stop looking at. Electronic approaches are out since many operators do not have access to those methods at the moment.

I’m more interested in

  1. Communicating the concern
  2. Identifying how we could have prevented it from escaping
  3. Ensuring we don’t do it again!

Thanks in advance!

Our production team have a Tolbox meeting daily, we find this is the best avenue to discuss not only the customers, but also our own issues.
We also pass on good news and congratulations at this meeting where warranted. It seems to work well.

This week we extended an invitation to our customer (they were on site doing other things) to attend the toolbox. Good News and Not So Good News items were discussed. After the meeting, the team had a better idea of why we do what we do and what the customers expectations are.