Contract Vs Permanent

Hi All

Just wondering are there many people working in the validation world that are either in permanent or contract postions.

I work alot in the UK, it seems to be 70% permanent staff vs 30% on contract positions.

Is it the same where you work?

Thank you

I am working in Boston MA for last 5 years. The percentage varies but generally bends on the side of contractors - more contractors than perm employees

At my current job,

25% - Perm
75% - Contractor (consultants)

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I work as a contractor in ireland, it is about 50/50.
Have been in my current contract for 2 years now, it was my first contract, but would like to move on now to get experience in different things.
Are contractors finding it hard to get work?
How do you go about getting work abroad? Are there particular agencies that deal with international positions?



I can’t speak to how you might go about entering the international scene, but I can say that to a large extent, our organization utilizes mainly contract employees/consultants. One to two contract/consultant associates work under the direction of a company employee. This arrangement has been in place for over four years and in my view, will continue to be the model moving forward.

Good luck!