Conecting Autoclave and Kaye Validator for validation

Dear Collagues,

Does anyone had expirience with conecting some of autoclave and Kaye Validator?
I need an information can I, and if I can how I can set the output relay on autovlave that he can switch the steps on validator (Qualification start/stop,Exposure start/stop)?
What kind of conection i need?

Thanks to everyone!

I am not sure why you want the autoclave to control the validator program as you can set the parameters on the validator setup so that it detects the start and end of the sterlisation part of the cycle as you can indicate what temperature all the theremocouples need to be before the interval starts. You can also do the same with your attached pressure transducer

You are right , no connection is required from Autoclave to KAYE validator

You want the AUtoclave to control the Kaye?

Like others have said, there is absolutely no need. Install Thermocouples. Run loads. Just note start and end times manually.

While most of the answers that forum members have given are correct, here is different suggestion.

In case you donot want to use Temperature on one of the Thermocouples as a criteria to start exposure time etc in the Kaye VAlidtor and want to use a relay from the Autoclave to start / stop a certain step then -----you can configure one of the SIM channels for a Contact Input during preparation of the setup. This contact input then can be set as the criteria in Setup file for starting / stopping a certain step viz. Exposure cycle.

The contact output from the Autoclave that you refer to, can then be wired up to this channel in the SIM.

Hope this will be helpful.