Compresses air 316 s/s pipeline passivation


could you answer me the question do i need make a passivation of new 316s/s pipeline for compressed air ?

The thing is the new pipeline is for clean compressed air, after the 0.2um filter. The air will contact with a product directly.

I have read the A380 by ASTM and know they recommend the cleaning/descalling/ passivating and so on, but I consider if it is necessary for compressed air pipeline. I mean the normal pressure will be about 80 psig, pressure dew point about -20 deg C, so in this conditions the passivation should be perform self-act because of oxygen presence.

I am asking because if case of making passivation we will need passivate all the pipeline system, because we will weld-in to the presence pipeline.

Have you got any experience about that ?

Sorry about mistake

What is the extra added advantage when you passivate these airlines?
There is no guideline in pharmaceutical industry that asks for passivation of these pipelines.
Dry air never a corrosive environment.


please make sure your compress air is clean dry air and comply to pharmaceutical requirements and also please confirm if you done the welding by orbital. If Yes, you no need to do the passivation.

Regarding this passivation issue I would like to inform you all that this procedure of passivation is very cumbresome and it will take a long time. Most of times you must clean with a solvent that can evapourate easily.This process takes a long time.

Alternative approach is that ask the vendor to make pipes for the current use as per specifications of design , and give a procedure to clean, verify at the client site before it is packed and then either tell them to reclean again or pack in special polyethylene packs so that dust cannot re-enter.

In this excercise you must note to check few things:
1.Cleanliness with out any cleaning material deposits or solvent residues.
2.Material certification
4.Orbital welding
5.Proper bending of pipes if you have any bends.

Only a high quality engg company can do this job.