Compressed Air Distribution System Material of Construction

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We are planning to set up a new Compressed Air Generation and Distribution System. Is there any specific requirement or guidance on the material of construction of the compressed air receiver (holding tank) and the respective distribution piping? We were wandering whether we can use a material different than SS.
The air compressor will be oil-free, followed by an air-drier. A pre-filter will be positioned at the beginning of the distribution system, just after the air receiver. 0.22μm filters will be positioned before each use point, where the air will come in contact with the primary packaging materials or the product. One of the use points will be in Grade A (ISO 5-Class 100) area and the air will come in direct contact with the product. All the piping inside the sterile areas will be 316SS.

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As per my knowledge, MOC of the distribution line should be SS316 or SS316L with internal surface finish NMT 0.5 micron. Only orbitally welded joints to be used. Orbital welding should be done with 99.99% pure argon gas.
For more reference refer ASME BPE 2005 guidelines

As per my knowledge there is no specific requirement for MOC of storage tank and pipes for compressed air.
As per my experience you can go ahead with MS tank and pipelines out side the production area. The distribution in procution is through ss316 disribution loop, with 0.22micron filter before each point of use. At the junction between ms and ss pie there shall be a filter of 0.22 micron.