Compressed Air distribution pipes

Can anyone help me with information on the recommended type of Material used for the pipes for distribution of compressed air in an non sterial oral solid dose manufacturing plant. Taking into consideration that the compressed air comes into contact with the product.

SS316 OR SS316L : Any one of these pipes which is electropolished.

Its always good to use 316 grade steel for orals than 316L.
316L is expensive material and mostly used for Sterile products.

[b]Material specification is : LOW CARBON STEEL
E.1.4404,1.4432 OR 1.4435 corresponding to ASTM 316L

For compressed air the roughness average Ra should be less than 0.8
For process gasses the Ra should be less than 0.4.
You need material certificates for all pipes, connectors etc.[/b]

Thank you for the information, however are there any guides/regulations you can references for me?

ISPE baseline guide for gasses which is recently released