Composition of some drugs

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If any 1 is pharmacist her.kindly help me i need some composition of drugs

Hello Jia,
I can certainly help you.
But let me tell you every where in the world the composition of Drugs is not the same and the combinations changes from nation to nation depending up on many factors.

Well it depends what you are looking for I mean is that a me too product or a new drug? You can get loads of ideal formulations right from simple dry mix to a complexed wet granulation one (typically for oral solids), but all in all it depends on physicochemical proprties of the molecule to be formulated. Basically you need to write a Development protocol defining Objective and background, proposed master formula, excepients characterstics, alloweable limits and a brief manufacturing procedure to facilitate the formulation of small scale lab trial. Definitely you would be doing hit n trial on diffrent proposed formulations but you need to write the development pharmaceutics stating the experience during the trial and this data also helps alot later on manufacturing stages on large scale.