Common Mistakes Made in Software Validation Operational Qualifications (OQ)

Overly Complex Test Objectives
The reason you don’t want to cram as many functional features as possible into one test is that, in case one of the functions fail, you end up having to fail of the functions. This is because, if you are testing nine different things simultaneously and there is a major crash can you definitively say which of the nine different things caused it? If you test the nine different areas independently, you can have some measure of confidence when the crash occurs that it is limited to the function you are currently testing. Later, you can do cross-functional testing, but initially, break down the functions into their simplest units and verify each separately. In general, the Performance Qualification (PQ) is where you do the combined functional testing, not here.

Testing with the Wrong Attitude

[COLOR=#636363]Here, as in life, attitude is everything. If you are fearful of finding problems, you won’t identify them if they land in your lap. If you think the system is perfect, you won’t recognize a problem if you have to step over it to get to lunch. Your attitude should always be that there are problems in the system that you must find. If you don’t go into testing with this attitude that there absolutely are bugs and that you won’t stop until you find them, you will certainly miss the more subtle problems.

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