Client side data encryption

Hello, I have a question about client side data encryption. A
client/server architecture is used in my system. And users can do the
data entry in the client. The data will be stored in the client side.
Later on, the user will do a synchronization and send the data to the
backend database. And it is encrypted during the transmitting.
The questions are:

  1. Since the records in the client are stored temporarily and they are

not maintained under predicate rules, Part 11 is not applicable to
records. Is that right?
2. Should the data stored in the client side be encrypted as well? If
so, every write/read operation should trigger an encrypt/decrypt
process, and will increase complexity and cause low efficiency. Is
there any suggestion about this?


I’m assuming that your client/server system has secured login user and

Also if the data is stored temporarily before synchronizing with
server…so for this purpose your client/server system users must have
secured login to client
The data is stored for a while on client machine and in this case
there is no need to encrypt data to client machine as the client
machine is secured by authentic system login sessions.

So if your client data security requirements are high you can secured
the client data with authentication to appropriate users only.