Cleaning Validation Using Equipment Washer

Hi All

I need to evaluate a stategy for the following -

Cleaning validation of glassware (1ml, 50mL, 1L and 20L bottles) using an equipment washer for washing.
The cleaning agents will be detergent based (base & acid type).
2 wash rack types are available: 1 with nozzles and 1 without nozzles but with spray-arm.
Washer will be used to clean both product dedicated as non-product dedicated items.

I have done this previously but used a known worst case soil and one type of rack. How do the variables effect the strategy ie what is the worst case soil as there are a variety of products manufactured and can both racks be used in the same run ie if the nozzles are too big for the smallest flasks can these be done in one rack and the others using the nozzles.

Many Thanks


Hi Andy,
We had done for the case of Miele washing machine for laboratory glasswares. We had used all types of racks provided by the Miele. Our strategy is to choose glasswares with large volumes and similar glassware with minimum volume available.
For ex in case volumetric flask, the flasks choosen are 5ml and 1000ml.
Soiling product will be a worst case material along with saw dust.
Try to choose racks appropriate to glassware and also Miele provides racks only with nozzle.