Cleaning Validation of Glassware

When doing cleaning validation of glassware is testing done for both residual product and residual solvents(from process) or is it adequate to test for residual product only and to ensure that the glassware is dry after cleaning and residual solvents would have evaporated?

I am planning validation of cleaning galssware but I don’t know where I begin. Could you share me the validation protocol. I using TOC and AAS in cleaning validation. Is it ok?

You can use TOC method for verification of the Cleaning for Glasswares. It is a very widely accepted method.

I am planning for glassware cleaning validation.

Can anybody share me a protocol please?

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Please refer to USP <467> Residual Solvent for some insights on how to assess from risk perspective needs to conduct cleaning validation for residual solvents and permitted daily exposure (PDE).

TOC is only for organic residues, but lab glassware contains many inorganic residues, such as metals and ions, you need more specific methods to test these residues.