Cleaning Validation for cosmetics and medical devices

Hello everybody,
Can you please be so kind and suggest what approach to take in cleaning validation when I do not have a recommended daily dose (cosmetics, medical devices) ? I have clear and efficient cleaning procedures in place (for a long time), they are not validated.
Some rectors (and equipment) are dedicated (so should be easier), but others (like 4,000-5,000 Kg) are used for different preparations.

  1. I was thinking to use the “visual” approach and to do swab check in predetermined critical areas
    2.should I also determine critical contaminants and to look for all at once (by HPLC and GC) using a limit method (with good peak separation) for all these compounds?
  2. How should I determine the contamination permitted when I don`t have a daily dose ? What do you think about less than 1000 ppm of any of my predetermined contaminants in the following batch?
    Thank you very much for answering.
    Best regards,:slight_smile: