Cleaning of equipment

Hello all,

A general question regarding cleaning of equipment (internal & external surfaces):

Are there any specific requirements or procedure for cleaning non-removable parts of equipment such as autoclaves, depyrogenation tunnels, vial washing machines or filling machines?

The objective is to include a detailed description of how the equipment need to be cleaned, as part of the respective SOPs.


In general, non-removable parts have to be mentioned in the SOP detailing what type of cleaning has to be performed on them and the materials to be used.
Example: Take a cleanroom wiper and 10 ml. of cleaning solution and clean the inside parts of the vial washing machine, let the cleaning soluiton act for 10 minutes and with a clen wiper and some WFI water remove the cleaning solution from the inside parts of the machine. Finally, remove the residual water from these parts using a dry wiper.
This is very general, you just need to adecuate it to your machine and indicate the frequency of the cleaning operation.:slight_smile: