Cleaning detergents!

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The objective of this post is to collect the diferent opinions on available cleaning agents / detergent across the globe being used for cleaning of Pharma equipments.

Let’s list out the approved agents & short method how one can determine the cleaning agent residue level in cleaning validation.

Any reference to these agent selection will be an advantage for whole group.

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The cleaning agent used at my company is CIP100. The residual level of cleaning agent is detected using TOC method.


The Cleaning agent used at my company is TEEPOL and the residual limit is not more than 10 ppm.

Sitarama Raju
SMS Pharma

As per WHO TRS you can used detergent - having local food grade certification.

Residue removal limit : 10 ppm as per guideline.

But before using that you have to performed analytical method validation (LOD, LOQ) for that detergent / cleaning agent.


we clean equipment with hot water , need your assistance to know, can we use detergents to clean equipment? if yes ! then what are the safe detergents which can be utilized for cleaning purpose.?
i got to know from one source that detergents are not in practice any more rather then washing with hot water is recommended.


which method is suitable for the detection of the detergent in swab or rinse?

QA Officer

It all depends up on

1. What compound must be evaluated: Biological/Chemical/Excipients/Herbal
2.Type of Equipment you are using.Dimension complexity of tubing and vessels in an equipment or a Skid.
3.The detection sensitivity of detection instrument.
4.Type of recovery solvent used-How soluble your target compound is?

At the end of day you must validate and prove your method is suitable for the purpose.It will not have any deviations during procedural operations and results.


I am looking for agency to carryout cleaning and cleaning validation in India for IVF Lab.