Cleaning agent for formulation plant

which type of cleaning agent should use in pharma (medicine manufacturing) plant.

It really depends a lot on just what you are trying to clean, and from what.
A generic process would use something like pre-rinse, sodium hydroxide solution wash, water rinse, phosphoric acid, water rinse, Water for injection rinse (depending on process stage). Other agents such as citric acid, detergents etc. are also used. There are also quite a few proprietary cleaning agents on the market - if you wish to use one of these, if possible choose one from a manufacturer who is willing to declare all the components present so that if necessary you can properly check for cleaning agent removal afterwards.

However, you would normally be expected to have performed some tests prior to trying to clean your euipment - this is usually performed using small items of equipment or samples of the same material of construction as your larger equipment (known as “coupons”) contaminated with the product you are trying to clean, and trying different cleaning agents, strengths and temperatures within the laboratory. Having determined the agents and conditions required then you can transfer to the actual equipment and start cleaning development trials.