Clean Steam Distribution tie in "HELP"


Advise needed.

We are currently expanding our facility capacity. For the existing plant we have a validated clean steam distribution system. For the expansion a second clean will be installed to support the existing clean steam generator as a back -up.
Along with this, a second distribution system, supported by a third clean steam generator will be installed to support the new process equipment… ( sounds straight forward!!)

Now once the third clean steam generator is validated ( at the new process equipment) the plan is to link both the existing distrubtion system with the new distibution system.
This will create one common header supplying the new and the old process equipment with all 3 generator acting in a duty stanby rotation.

My question is what will have to be done it terms of a validation effort. i will have 2 indapendly qaulified distribution systems, but once the link between the 2 is made, will i have to do a full re validation of both the existing and the new systems ? or what would be the minumium requirments be.

Any suggestions ??? :eek: