Changing the Expected Result in OQ or OV Protocol test script

Can the person executing an OQ or OV protocol test script for a computerized system change the Expected Result because what comes up on the workstation is different than what is written in the test script? The client is saying yes because of the schedule (no time to retest) and writing an exception report to cover the error. They are crossing out the expected result, writing in the new expected result with a comment for the exception, and then writing “As Specified” in the Actual Result column.

I’ve seen the approach work; it often raises red flags when seen, though.

In similar circumstances, we generally solicit agreement from the QA representative. Get them to annotate the change showing concurrence (presumably). That shows the change wasn’t just made in isolation (by the tester).

You’re likely to have to explain it anyway. The better documented it is, the easier the explanation goes.

I agree with Yodon - QA MUST be involved with a change like this, and at the very least I would expect them to countersign any documentation relating to such a change.