CAPA Software - Whats best

What company has the best capa software, in terms of useability
backup support and change control

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Trackwise from sparta systems in my view has the best useability and functionality.



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We use SmartCAPA the Pilgrim Software offering, we also have a Complaints module that works in sync with the CAPA module, don’t know how it compares to Trackwise but we are happy with it.



It’s hard to answer a question as broadly drawn as “which is the best?” Most products are good at some things, not so good at others. Before I recommend a tool - ANY tool - to someone, I want to know what that person needs to tool to be able to do.

Does it need to be easy to use?
Does it need to be highly configurable?
Does it need to be cheap? - that can be VERY important!! :slight_smile:
etc, etc, etc

The only recommendation I’d make is this - figure out what you need in a CAPA package and then ask for recommendations based on your requirements. What works for me may not work for you.

Mike Emeigh

CAPA offering s from various companies

    Master Control

Can you just have CAPA software or do you really need a Quality suite that integrates - change control, complaints, audits, investigations, and CAPA? Just a thought. I know you could do all these things manually and then feed into a CAPA, but why. We use the TrackWise here…it takes a bit of planning to make certain you have all the parent child relationships correct. You could really end up with a very complex system if not appropriately planned. We also have mastercontrol for documents, the CAPA module didn’t seem appropriate to us.

Based on cost comparison, the best software available is MasterControl. They do not use 3rd party validation and their technical support is rated amount the best in the industry.

Pilgrim Software offer the all in one CAPA, Doc Management, Audit, Training and Complaints

Based on my personal experience,
the most used is TrackWise. Its always good to stick with the most commonly used software.

We use CAPA Manager from Adaptive

. Its been very easy to deploy in our business and supply chain. Its extremely cost effective as basic accounts are free. This has allowed us to equip our entire supply chain with the system, linking up our improvement initiatives globally. All this for $80 a month. A very successful system for us.

We use trackwise software to handle QMS