Can anybody tell me how to develope a good project plan?

especially, for computer system project.
a template is appreciated.

What type of tempate are you looking for?

Software, Hardware, Equipment etc…

To piggy-back onto Graham’s response… is the project regulated (medical, avionics, etc.)? Lots of things to consider before developing a project plan.

PMBOK - the Project Management Body of Knowledge - would be a good place to start for any project - it’s available from the Project Management Institute.
Does your company have a procedure for execution of projects? that would be a good place to look also.


Process map to develop a project plan based on PMBOK
Processes to consider in generate a project plan:

  1. Scope plan, scope definition, resource plan
  2. Activity definition, activity sequence, activity estimation
  3. Cost estimation, risk control
  4. Schedule develop, cost budgeting
  5. Project plan development