Calibration Requirements for Dry Bath to Calibrate Thermocouples?

Dear all,

In order to calibrate thermocouples for temperature mapping activities (freezers, autoclaves), I use the following equipment:

  • thermocouples
  • heater/cooler dry bath
  • temperature standard

The thermocouples are put inside the dry bath, and are calibrated at difference temperatures by ramping up/down the dry bath to the desired calibration temperature. Once a set point is reached, the thermocouples are calibrated against in the temperature standard (also in the dry bath).

For now, I use a calibrated dry bath and calibrated temperature standard. But is it actually necessary to have a calibrated dry bath as well? The latter only serves to ramp up/down the temperature to a desired set point.

And another question: how do you coop with heat distribution uniformity inside the dry bath heating block? Do you generate heat maps of the heating/cooling block?


using a calibrated dry bath can speed up the process via automation. If you look at some of the vendors that provide these systems, they automate the process and provide Calibration Reports.

No, it is not necessary to calibrate dry bath if you using temp standard for calibration!
Your calibration process of TCs is more accurate with standard than if you only use calibrated dry bath!!!

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As long as your ā€˜Temperature Standardsā€™ are traceable (NIST or EU equivalent) during an audit then your OK.