Calibration of SIM from Kaye validator

Dear all,

we have 2 kaye validators in our company, one IRTD is recently calibrated, but the 6 SIMs in the two validator is in due date for calibration. My question is, if we have a calibrated IRTD, do we still need to calibrate the SIMs, because a calibration of the thermocouple is performed anyway with the IRTD in a controlled chamber.

thanks for answers!

Yes, you should perform calibration of Kaye Validators with SIMs. Calibration of only IRTD is noth enough, Kay must be calibrated too. You must be sure that input voltage give appropriate output temperature.

thanks a lot for explanation! I don’t know how the calibration is done, should the wires(thermocouples) connected to SIM for calibration or just the SIM alone?


No, just Kaye Validator without thermocouples if we speak about annual calibration of equipment. Kaye and IRTD must be independently calibrated once per year. Before your test you calibrate thermocouples in LTR/HTR/CTR in the chain with SIM and Kaye and connected with IRTD.

very clear, many thanks!


In order to calibrate the Sim Cards, Kaye connects a single Type T on channel 03 on the Sim card. Then they place the Type T T/C in a LTR unit with an IRTD at 0.00C. The software provided by Kaye explains the rest of the procedure.

thanks for clarifying this!