Calibration of a Tablet Press

I was hoping to get some insight about how others calibrate a tablet press.

Besides hiring a company and paying them to do it, I was looking for in-house methods.

For newer machines I would set the set speed to an RPM and use a calibrated tach to measure the RPMs. I would do a low RPM and a high RPM. Would I need to also count the output during both low and high speed test?

For older machines I’m not 100% sure. If there is no dial setting and it’s a crank, how would I go about comparing a set speed veruses an actual?

Is this a good start or am I off base? Any insight provided would be wonderful.

Do you have a place where you have put a Tachometer and measure

It comes with reflective tape. So we would place that on the machine and the tach has a vision sensor that uses the tape to determine RPMs.