Bowie-Dick Test

Dear All
are you run Bowie-Dick Test for your autoclaves?
do you have systec’s autoclaves?
what’s the exact program’ specification that you run(presure’ tempretute, number of vacume’s cycle)?

I Used Steri-Pak LF Sub/Trans that recommend to run the cycle at 134 C for 3.5 min

  1. Purpose
    Verify the air removal efficacy of the steam sterilizer.

  2. Methodology
    Place the Bowie-Dick test pack horizontally in the geometrical centre of the useful space at a distance between 100 and 200 mm above the bottom of the chamber.

Programmed the cycle indicated by the manufacturer’s instruction.

Set the programme for the cycle with an empty chamber and observe the indicator’s turn out.

  1. Acceptance criteria
    The indicator shows a totally uniform change in color (UNE-EN 285 Regulation).